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Covered Parking for free

Ask us about the possiblities on how to get covered parking for free.

With our investment program and our PPA solutions

we have options to gain more income for parking lot owners.

with integrated EV-Charging 

Our leasing program combined with our SunFuel-Charging concepts attracts electrtical vehicle clientel

and satisfies existing customers who appreciate a shaded and protected parking lot at your establishment.


With GoSolar.lease and the Virtual Power Purchase Agreement  you save up to 20% on your monthly electric bill.                                For Cities, Schools, Colleges, Municipals, Farms, Grocery Stores, Comercial, Industries and Universities only.

GoSolar gives you access to the cleanest energy!


We help municipals by reducing their electricity costs and making their buildings more energy efficient.



Gosolar.school not only helps schools to go green by reducing their energy costs dramatically but also educates the children on how solar power can provide a cleaner future. 




Every company can afford to save money. We can reduce your electrical energy bill to $0.00/kWh and show you other incentives and tax write offs! 



Farmers have been harvesting the sun´s energy for thousands of years through the animals and crops that they raise. Now they can also use their rooftops to harvest energy from the sun and generate electricity!

Earn more with GoSolar.farm


Universities benefit in a multitude of ways. Not only can they become 100% independent from grid energy and have reduced electric bills, but their students can learn and witness how to reduce their carbon footprint. 


We consult with our German engineers.

Our German partner company provides us with the engineering knowledge, expertise, and experience to make each project a success. 

We develop and assist your energy project.

Every energy project is unique and we make sure to take all the details into account from the very beginning. 


We are always available through local partners.

We work together with local electric partners and bound them for the best service and perfomance for your solar power plant or solar rooftop array

Contact us now!

Call: (636) 681-1469  or Email:  hello@GoSolar.us

The Latest Technology

We use the latest and the greatest technology so that you are satisfied for many years with our work.

Penetration free Mounting Rack System For Flat Roofs

We are the leaders of light weight and quick installation solar rooftop arrarys with our screwless mounting system specifically designed for flat rooftops.  All guarantees of the previous rooftop installer will be maintained. 

The Best Solar Energy Performance

Our engineering team is always looking for the newest technology for the best solar performance, including online real-time monitoring of each solar array.

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